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Unique quality and value that speaks for itself…

Chances are you hadn't heard of Eastern Building Group, right? Until a friend in your network heard you were planning to build… and told you about us. That's okay! We've realised that's how EBG works best.

In fact, that's exactly why EBG have been consistently flourishing for the last 18 years. Yes, 18 years. We're the classic combination of honest, quality work, value for money and the best advertising of all… word of mouth.

What we don't have, like sales people and display homes, we put into sourcing (and keeping) the best suppliers and subcontractors Adelaide has to offer. And by best, we mean professionals that work the same way we do, and share the same quality & value approach… to building your awesome new home.

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Our Team

Danny Scinto

EBG Director

Bringing a breadth of experience across building surveying and local government, Danny Scinto went on to run his own residential building business before joining forces with George Skrembos and Eastern Building Group.  
Danny's ability to share his insights into the home building ‘journey’ is the key to his amazing rapport with EBG clients.

George Skrembos

EBG Director

Port Adelaide Enfield Civil Redevelopment… Bankers Trust Australia… Bridgestone's Warehouse… Sturt Police Centre… George's strength in commercial project management complements Danny, perfectly.
You can add office fit-outs, multi-storey car-parks and land subdivision to George's resume, as well.

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